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"The battle cry to save earth"

A NEW Mobile Tower Defense Game:
✔️ Available on App Stores (Q4)
✔️ With Digital Asset Ownership (NFTs)
✔️ Players Can Pay with FIAT or Crypto
✔️ Deflationary & Utility Based Token
✔️ PLUS Skill Based PvP Contests (2023).


“What started as a crypto internet meme, is now the official battle cry to save all mankind:
"We're All Gonna Make It"


Welcome to the BETA of WAGMI DEFENSE



👽 Profit share from in-game NFT revenue
👽 Access to in-game NFTs packs
👽 Access to members only discord channel
👽 Invites to beta the Tower Defense Game

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The human race has advanced into a combination of humans and cyborgs.

Space travel has opened up a wormhole in which Alien species have penetrated the galaxy, and discovered a core element deep within the earth’s core.

This element “NiFe” is vital to the Aliens survival. The aliens will stop at nothing to drain the earth of the element.

The battle will take place on earth and in space as the humans fight to save their planet, and all humanity.

The battle cry of the humans newly formed galactic forces is “WAGMI Defense.”



Players will be able to choose whether to save the earth and claim the battle cry WAGMI, or try to overtake the defense as the aliens and claim the “NiFe”

The Zeta Reticuli aka “The Greys” come from a binary star system of advanced civilizations. Having conquered many planets before their arrival they come battle ready and in desperate need of NiFe to continue surviving.

The humans of planet earth survived several natural and man made catastrophes during the 2 millennia due to several breakthrough technologies. This set off a super cycle of technological advancement that helped humans merge with AI and become a hyper advanced civilization.

Click on the characters below to learn their backstory:


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The WAGMI Games Franchise

WAGMI Games Novel

Already being written (first chapter in hand), the goal is to establish the relationships of the characters within the game and establish a realistic backstory.

ComicBook Series

Create comics based off the novel currently being written about the Battle for NiFe. Plans are to release collectables via NFTs similar to the Veve business model.

As comics are minted, new characters will be released in the game



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On Nov 11, 2021, There was a special type of hype in the air. WAGMI meme token was hyped to ‘moon’ on the coattails of success stories like $GM. As many did, 4 whales aped in hard and believed in the project. As things progressed, things were not adding up. Turns out what was an original dev team of 6, became only one. As the whales dug deep, it turns out the original dev who owned control of the contract went MIA, controlling the funds, liquidity and essentially the fate of the token.

The 4 motivated whales were given the blessing from the last standing original dev to take over the project. A decision was made for the sake of the community that the original contract was too compromised to ethically market to bring in new investors. But instead of just relaunching a duplicate shitcoin, the new whales decided a utility was the way to go for a truly sustainable coin.

One of the whales, by chance, already began development of a P2E game. After countless hours of brainstorming, the concept of integrating the internet meme WAGMI into the game began to shape, what you will know as "WAGMI Defense" game, an intergalactic battle game where the Humans and Aliens battle to save the precious element NiFe, which is vital to the survival of both the Aliens and Mankind.
Mr. Bentley’s (General Stemima) experience and success includes a $20M+ exit with Autotropolis, a marketing agency focused on lead gen and SEO in the Automotive sector. He has also been a consultant to many 7 and 8 figure businesses ranging from entertainment (Broadway), restaurants, online agencies and health care.

Mr. Bentley is on the Advisory board for Local Light and is a business mentor at the Long Beach Accelerator. He has been involved in crypto since 2017 and is currently a partner at a consultancy firm specializing in marketing for IDOs and blockchain startups.
Mr. Trujillo has created a successful online program, College Finance Mentor, as featured on Fox News, Money Talks News and Telemundo.  In addition, he’s curated a secondary program for one of the largest scholarship companies, ScholarshipOwl which receives millions of hits a month. He also currently assists in overseeing a budget of over 50 million dollars for a school district as the Financial Compliance Officer.  

He’s a video game aficionado and a true visionary who is overseeing the creation of the WAGMI Games. He believes developing the best in-class crypto-games is what will set WAGMI apart and create lasting success for investors and gamers alike.
Chris has been in the core of the cryptocurrency marketing space, helping over 200 well known tokens reach new all-time highs.

Before entering the crypto space, Chris owned one of the largest debt management companies in the USA and has been asked to be a public speaker at multiple seminars hosted by Fortune 500 companies.  
Mr.Salem is an active day trader and crypto investor and has been for the past 4 years. He believes in longevity and use case, fully understanding the potential of WAGMI.

Learning how to implement and strategically launch his own projects through networking and diligently researching the open market and its backbone.

He believes in knowledge but also character, character and determination is what leads to success. Outside of investments and regular trading, Mr.Salem has obtained his degree in the study of British Law and is actively participating in entrepreneurship.

Scott is our Director of Talent Acquisition, Mr. Herman’s story began in the most unlikely of places…a local Gold’s gym where at the age of 14, he made it his goal to teach fitness to the world. 

Fast forward 20 years, he forged a fitness empire of over 2.6M subscribers with his instructional content embedded in apps and websites all over the internet.

His unrivaled experience and expertise in social media, building online communities and creating easily digestible content are the exact tools that will propel the WAGMI GAMES franchise to new heights, as he onboards key gamers, investors and creators onto the project.

Danish comes from a diverse background of Sales and Technology with 12+ years of experience, collaborating with sales leaders and technical consultants.

He has over a decade of experience building digital products and cultivating leadership teams, across multiple roles and job descriptions, ranging from orthodox sales, technological consultancy, relationship building and marketing and branding. Danish stepped into the crypto space in early 2019 and has been a blockchain enthusiast and a great promoter and supporter of crypto since then.

He has had the privileges of consulting with many games and have helped their teams meticulously build and successfully launch their respective platforms.

Saeed comes from a pedigreed background in Project Management and has served the majority of his career as a bonafide product owner. With 10+ years of experience in the development domain,

His expertise and accountability stretches over the entire development life-cycles and beyond for the projects that he is leading. He actively manages product's wire framing, user stories, product's use cases, design, implementation, and execution of turnkey projects.

His background, experience and credentials make him a confident, analytical and assertive project manager/product owner that ensures both stability and scalability for the products he leads and his interpersonal skills makes him an excellent Manager.



WAGMI Games & Cubix Partnership: Mobile PVP Tower Defense Game BETA is OPEN! Public Launch targeted for July 2022



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Interstellar ROADMAP

Available on OpenSea

PvP Tower Defense Game BETA LIVE! April 2022
(Available to GENESIS NFT Holders)

Public Mobile App Beta Launch Target: Q4 2022

Completed Milestones
  • LAUNCH TOKEN v2 ☑️
  • CMC and CG Listings ☑️
  • ERC Smart Contract Audit Complete ☑️
  • Produce Conceptual Work for Game ☑️
  • NFT Giveaway ☑️
  • Shill, Raid and Plunder the web ☑️
  • Produce Game Play Video ☑️
  • Start work on NFT Collection for Game ☑️
  • Crypto Youtube AMA’s ☑️
  • Crypto Twitter Influencers ☑️
  • Token HODLer Giveaways: NFTs, ETH, BNB, Tokens and Merchandise ☑️
  • Merchandise Store and Giveaways ☑️
  • Add exchanges and swap partnerships ☑️



3% Marketing
2% Product Development
1.5% Auto Liquidity PoolP
1% Re-distribution (Reflections)
2.5% Team



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