Welcome to the BETA of WAGMI DEFENSE

VISIT Wagmi defense


In order to participate in the BETA play, you must have a GENESIS NFT.

Instructional videos are on this page.

If you are interested in getting a GENESIS NFT, visit our official OPENSEA collection:


GENESIS NFT "HODLERS" should watch this series of tutorial videos
before attempting to play.


Ian breaks down a few slides from our investor deck for you to get a better understanding on the philosophy of going live with a Mobile Responsive Tower Defense Game.


For BETA, please only do this on a desktop!

There is a small process in making sure you can play and mint your starter packs to play the game (you will need a small amount of BNB - see next video).

Khaled walks me through how to set up your account, connecting your wallet (must be the wallet you have a GENESIS NFT in, entering your NFT ID in settings, adding a tiny bit of NiFe, how to mint starter packs, set up your battle deck, and get ready to play!

Here is the STEP BY STEP:

- Connect Wallet (Metamask)
- Enter Email
- Add NiFe (.01 BNB)
- Go to SETTINGS and enter your NFT ID in your Wallet
- Go to SHOP and Buy a Starter Pack (BNB Gas Fee Only)
- Make sure Cards are in the Battle Deck
- Press PLAY GAME (from Homepage)
- Select Insurgent or Alien
- Select Play Wager (you cannot wager yet)
- Press Play again
- Wait for an Opponent.


In order to include the minting experience on the marketplace, we went live with the BETA on the BSC network to minimize gas fees. If you do not have BNB or have not added the BSC network to your wallet, watch this tutorial on how to do it.

To add the Binance Smart Chain network, enter the following information:

• Network Name: Smart Chain
• New RPC URL:
• Chain ID: 56
• Symbol: BNB
• Block Explorer URL: Binance (BNB) Blockchain Explorer


If you are not familiar with Clash Royale or similar Tower Defense games, Luis breaks down the basic strategy of destroying towers, and how to experiment with both offensive and defensive tactics.


Can I play this on my mobile phone right now?
- Not yet. Mobile responsiveness will be tweaked soon. However, for the initial beta timeframe, please play on a desktop.

I minted my cards but am not able to play?
- Make sure to drag your cards into your battle deck.

I pressed play and still searching for players?

- For the beta, there is no playing against the computer. So if you are looking for a game, go into Telegram or Discord and request a player. Remember to say if you are Alien or Insurgent.

I was not able to knock down towers
- This is normal. As we add more power cards to the game, there will be more ways to destroy the opponents towers faster.

I am stuck!
-Refresh your browser

Where do I add my comments and suggestions?
- We will be adding this form shortly.