Commander Apollyon

Supreme Commander  Apollyon is from the Insectum galaxy.

He’s equipped with an impenetrable shell and his insectid mini-gun.

The Insectum galaxy itself is a cesspool of different races who have waged war over millennia in conquest of resources such as adallium, NiFe, and native serums necessary for the development of the species of that sector.

Apollyon has battled against many of the universe's hybrid giants that were even once on earth.

Ancient humans called these hybrids the Nephilim who were the result of cross-bred DNA between different species.

In one of Emperor Temeluchus' first conquests he sought to destroy Apollyon’s planet and in a last effort resistance came head to head with him.

The struggle ensued between the two in a battle almost to the death. Apollyon surprised the emperor when he delivered his berserker smash and stunted him.

The Emperor had to unleash his Omega aura to finally deliver a finishing blow before giving Apollyon the chance to pledge his allegiance to the Gray Alliance.
Based of the original comic render by MaddSketch

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