Supreme Commander Archon

Supreme Commander Archon presides over the Gray Alliance armada.

His history goes back to the days of the ancient humans of Egypt where he destroyed Horus for his betrayal of the Archonic law.

He was placed by the Great One as a ruler of order but in a moment of temptation by Temeluchus who promised him power at his right hand, he betrayed the Great One.

Once a greatly respected being among the heavenly principalities, he once again made a name for himself by conquering many worlds in the name of the Gray alliance.

His wrath against humans is fierce as he suffered a major loss in the first Gray Alliance invasion of earth.

He’s equipped with dark NiFe armor, and his core is powered by the ancient energy, saraph, burning stronger as he rages in battle.

His super power is found in his Sarablades which at max power unleashes a wrath few can contend with.
Based of the original comic render by MaddSketch

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