Emperor Temeluchus of the Grays presides over the Gray Alliance and rules with an iron fist.

He was brought up in the house of Temel where his father instilled the belief that Grays were destined to rule all sentient beings.

He’s a mix between the Minds (hyper intelligent) and Brutes of the Gray race.

He was responsible for the first invasion of earth in the 28th century where he wiped away two-thirds of the planet.

He’s a cunning negotiator and has a reputation for conquering many exoplanets in the Milky Way.

He has an array of powers that include telepathy, Power Fists, and in final form is equipped with his Ion Destroyer.

His greatest endeavor was stealing a portion of elemental light from the Great One to power his NiFe armor.
Based of the original comic render by MaddSketch

(The Genesis NFT Collection)
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