Mid Summer Update

Before we do that let’s talk the market. We are talking a very positive approach to the market conditions. While we certainly like a bullish market, we feel that the bear market gives us the time we need to build and mature WAGMI Defense. If you look at all the top projects that exploded last summer, they all had been building for years prior. That is exactly what we are doing… BUILD IN BEAR... BASK IN BULL.

First let’s start with milestones we have accomplished over the last 30 days or so…

Immutable X Official Partnership

We can't speak high enough of the team and vision at Immutable. We are leveraging their L2 platform on Ethereum so there are gas-less transactions for NFTs. Check out the WAGMI Games official partner page on Looking at this screen-grab from their homepage, we are proud to be a part of these gorgeous Web3 games.

Jonny Hustle as an Official Ambassador

Jonny is one of the brightest minds and voices in GameFi. So far his connections have been invaluable and we can't wait to announce more partnerships and strategic relationships that are born from this relationship. He also is a host on Crypto Banter. (see below)

GameStop Support

We are thrilled to be aligned with the same principals as GameStop as they launch their NFT marketplace. WAGMI Defense will be one of the first games tradable on their platform. Look for some amazing synergies in the future. We were the first Web3 game Gamestop ever retweeted about (regarding their wallet)!

In fact, GME just tweeted about WAGMI Defense today!

Verification on Twitter and just shy of 10K followers

Establishing our brand name is bigger than you think.

Verified Collection on OpenSea

We hit a 1 ETH floor and over 315 ETH traded on Genesis Collection!

Was on Crypto Banter YouTube Channel with Jonny

Crypto Banter has over 500K subs and this video alone has over 8K views so far.

Attended Permissionless, Consensus and NFTNYC

The insane connections that we have made in face to face meetings has been priceless.

Feautured on Blockworks’ new podcast “Playconomy”

Ryan Day and Rebekah Keida are so enthusiastic about the future of GameFi and WAGMI Defense aligned perfectly for a great chat.

Transition to one ETH contract

We were able to migrate 2 chains into one, airdrop tokens and resume trading all in under 18 hours.

What is happening behind the scenes:

  • Licensed an original, official song for WAGMI Games (oh wait till you hear it)
  • Game development now has 2 maps, 6 characters, 2 spell cards and air assault units
  • Immutable integration is underway for gas-less transactions in marketplace
  • Multiple conversations with advisors and VC firms
  • App being built to track reflections and more
  • Entire game economy is built out
  • Integrating the GameStop Wallet
  • Integrating Credit Card Purchasing (Moonpay)
  • Integrating Custodial Wallet (Magic)
  • Affiliate program being built for Content Creators and Gamers
  • Referral System being rolled out for players of game to spread the word virally
  • First chapter of the WAGMI Defense story approved and now being written for the first comic edition
  • Finalizing of the full-length cinematic trailer
  • Ongoing development of the WAGMI Defense.
  • Additions to Utility for the WAGMI Token such as expanded governance and potential staking opportunities (we will release the details as we get closer to game launch)

We are just about a month away from transitioning from BETA to allowing the general public to start playing WAGMI Defense. There are many things happening so will give you an update and a round up summary of killer milestones.