State of the Galaxy - Week of January 10 2022

 Happy new year to all. It has certainly been a bit of a rocky road to start the year in the market. But as we all know, crypto is good like that, and as investors, we look at these dips as opportunities. It is also a gut check to stomach the bear market.


As Warren Buffet says:

Impatience can kill your money. Buffett says: “Calling someone who trades actively in the market an investor is like calling someone who repeatedly engages in one-nightstands a romantic.” “The stock market is designed to transfer money from the active to the patient.”


That said, while we would love to be at a $10M MC by now, the stars have not aligned for that to happen due to market conditions, which we simply can’t control. However, as we have said time and time again, the market nor the chart has any bearing on the progress of this project. What we can tell you is while other alts have dropped 50%+, the bulk of HODLers (and whales) have held strong knowing that it is just a matter of time when this project gets the attention it deserves.


We have a 12-month contract with our game dev partner Cubix, so we have no choice but to deliver on our promises.


And the way we look at this market, we have never been more bullish on the GameFi category, the roadmap of delivering a PvP Clash Royale type tower defense game by the end of march, and the opportunities for investors to get in early... Let us execute at a high level.


Let’s start with Cubix


We are simply blown away at the level of detail and expertise that Cubix is delivering. Check out a sample of the mockup of the website that Cubix showed us this week:

Again, this is a mockup of the game homepage, but the human emperor IS the actual render you will see in-game. We have given them the artistic renders that our comic artist designed, and they are taking those and creating in game assets. Pretty bad ass, right!


In regard to the behind-the-scenes development, the wireframes are being built, the in-game assets are being designed and the in game purchases (NFT Marketplace) are taking shape. This is not a small task to design a game from scratch, but Cubix is far exceeding our expectations.


Here is a little behind the scenes screen grab of the magic before the implementation (yes it is raw but this is the skeleton of flow of he game, assets and NFT marketplace):


This game is going to be 5-star in terms of quality, functionality, and playability.


The Official WAGMI Games Characters


We are so proud of how the characters have shaped up! Our ChiefGaming Officer has a vision and is executing it like it is no one’s business. The humans have an Emperor and 5 generals while the Aliens have one Emperor and 5 commanders. The battle is going to be fierce! The power ups, the armor, and the weapons are going to be like nothing you have seen before. And all will be in game NFTs that the user owns.

The Wagmi Games Humans


The Wagmi Games Aliens

Upcoming NFT Drop


In the next couple of weeks, all hands are on deck to bring awareness to this project by launching what we call our Genesis Collection. This NFT collection will be a PfP type collection that will allow buyers to mint their own either alien or human that will be featured in the game. The collection has been designed by Comic artist MaddSketch and will feature 3022 unique NFTs.

This is our main focus in terms of marketing dollars. We have a six figure budget to promote the drop, which includes NFT influencers as well as Facebook and Instagram advertising, Because we have a token that has launched already, the new eyeballs on the NFT collection should equate to fresh buyers of the token, as the collection will be tied to the token and game.


We are currently wrapping up the generative aspect of the art and we have hired one of the highest respected NFT marketing experts in the game today. Although he has not given us permission to share his name, if you have ever seen "Dollar" pump NFTs in discord, well that's our guy!!!


As far as utility, this is not solely an art collection, but rather will feature amazing utility tied to the game. Holders of these NFTs will be able to claim an in-game asset bundle (NFTs such as weapons, power ups, armor ,etc.) PLUS, those who hold these NFTs will receive residual income directly from profit share that the in game NFTs produce (yes, actual revenue that is produced from in-game NFT sales will be airdropped to HODLers of the genesis collection).


PLUS, 10 lucky minters will get a 3D PfP and with that, will be mailed and actual 3D print to display (not a Metaverse print, but one you can touch and feel).


Early participants in our WAGMI Game discord will get “OG” status, which will give the first 500 people to join and add their wallet address guaranteed Whitelist spots to mint your NFT.

Some of you may ask why the NFT collection now? It is simple: We believe that the NFT audience has not discovered this project yet and will be some of the biggest ambassadors we can have. Also, unlike 99% of NFT launches, we will use the net proceeds of the mint to find top tier influencers (btw they ain't cheap) and engage with them to have a continuous coverage of the token, the game and everything in between!


Stay tuned for details this week as we roll out the final touches on the collection and how you can be involved.


Press Coverage:


One of the hardest things in Crypto is to make a project legitimate. The WAGMI Games team interviewed many companies before landing on Cubix. Was Cubix the cheapest? Nope! But establishing a partnership that any potential investor could research and know that a project will deliver on its promises was a key foundational decision we made.

So we decided to make a huge PR push to legitimize WAGMI games to the world. As you can see below, there is no doubt that if any investors research us on the major crypto outlets, we will be everywhere.


Below is a snapshot of where WAGMI games can be found:

The press outlets who have covered WAGMI Games














YouTube Coverage

We set up an official WAGMI Games YouTubeChannel – Make sure to subscribe:

New WAGMI YouTube Channel

We also have been busy making sure if you search WAGMI Games on YouTube, we have a presence. Here are a few of the videos reviewing the project:

Some of the video coverage so far

So that is it for now. Like we said, stay tuned for all the details on the Genesis NFT Collection in the coming days.