Trailer Release, Updated Public Beta, App Store Vision

Cinematic Trailer Release + New Timeline of Public BETA

In this update:

  • Bullish pivot to app store game
  • Release of Cinematic Trailer
  • Upgrade of all character movements, sizing and mobile view
  • In game economy development
  • Free to play version
  • Hint at "burning" token as part of deflationary tokenomics and utility

Cinematic Trailer + New Website + Enhanced Marketing Assets

WAGMI Games, developers of the Sci-Fi tower defense game WAGMI Defense, will release their much-anticipated cinematic trailer, on August 15th. The 3+ minute trailer shows the first battle between the Greys (aliens) and humans, and features the full-length original song created specifically for WAGMI Games.

WAGMI Games will also be releasing a new version of their website: in August.

These videos show a perfect example of the shift currently being made to enhance the brand's marketing efforts.. There will be 6 total close up battle scenes in this series alone:

Timeframe of Public Beta

Originally planned for August 1st, WAGMI Games has decided to delay the launch of their VIP Public BETA and set a targeted date for October 2022. After receiving the valuable feedback from hundreds of community submissions, suggestions from the most active BETA player ,PLUS, app store case study projects in WEB3, the company decided against releasing the game in its current form and instead, already began working on several new features that will take gamers and investors by surprise.

Having new players experience the "in-app" experience and updated gameplay (see below) is vital.. "you only have a first chance to make a great impression" and before onboarding 10K+ new players, the presentation of the game must resemble the live version of the mobile game.

Focus on App Store and In-App Experience

The first reason behind this delay is the decision to focus on the mobile experience by developing a Google and Apple Store app for WAGMI Defense. Mobile gaming now accounts for 52% of the $175.8B global gaming market (2021) which stresses the importance of launching the public version of the game as a mobile app.

With the recent profit report from STEPN ($122M Q2), and after evaluating their app (wallet integrated, ability to spend crypto in-app), the path to a full mobile app experience became an obvious path to take with WAGMI Defense (originally slated for mobile responsive).

As a result, the company has decided to re-work the User Interface to encompass an all-in-one ‘in app’ experience. This requires the design and implementation of over 50 new screens and animations. Also being incorporated is a Free to Play version and PvE mode, which we believe is vital to mass adoption.

Better Graphics, Effects, Movement and Sizing for Mobile

Also, after playing the current build on mobile, a decision was made to move towards more advanced movements, effects, and fluidity to resemble more of a AAA game. This will also entail larger characters on the maps and more integrated map features. By doing this, WAGMI Defense will be appeasing to more hard-core gamers’ graphic expectations, while still keeping the simplicity of a strategy game. Maps like the New Egypt and air units are also being reworked and redesigned.

This also will allow more opportunities to share the NFT technology interoperability with AAA games, which will open up more opportunities to gaming partnerships, plus speed up the initial progress for the planned MOBA style second release of WAGMI Games.

Focus on Value of In Game Assets for Players

At the same time, the studio has started working on leveling-up capabilities for the cards so that they can be sold and resold on GameStop’s Marketplace, yielding more profits and rewards for the gamers. Having the ability for new players to begin the level up process once they begin playing will allow for immediate ways to create value for resale opportunities. This will also benefit Genesis NFT holders by delaying launch slightly to encourage more NFT purchases when new gamers are onboarded.

The developers are also building immersive EXPERIENCE and SEASONAL PVP systems that will provide a complete experience for battlers and gamers alike.

Updates on WAGMIGAMES Utility

While the game remains the grand focus of WAGMIGAMES, the company has recently partnered with an advisory company that will help adjust the tokenomics and drive more volume into the chart. For example, a portion of the NFT Marketplace profit will be allocated towards 'burning' the $WAGMIGAMES token, therefore creating a deflationary mechanism and buy pressure for holders, in addition to the utility of the token in-game. Staking and Governance will also be implemented as added utilities.

Also in advisory is the development of a NFT system that will create rarity and scarcity, while still allowing anyone to enter the game at any time in the game's lifecycle. Expect a full update on utility soon.

New Partnerships To Be Announced Strategically

While we obviously will not share the partnerships, we are in final talks with half a dozen big players and platforms in the space to get the word out about WAGMI Defense to as many audiences as we can.

A message from the developers: We kindly thank all our BETA testers for spending the time to play the game and providing us with invaluable feedback and suggestions. We could not have done it without your help.  In the end, in order to have long term success, producing the best possible user experience must take precedence over everything.