v2 Contract Migration: WAGMI to WAGMIGAMES

WAGMIGAMES has been fully migrated into a new (v2) contract.

This means we have combined the (c180 eth and bsc) contracts into a new one.

If you were a holder of the WAGMI token (as of 12am EST June 3), you now have been airdropped the new WAGMIGAMES token to your wallet.

In order to view your new tokens, simply import the new WAGMIGAMES address into your wallet:


Here are new links for your reference:


- A security audit has been issued.
- There is now one contract and one market cap. All swaps will be on the Ethereum blockchain.
- We are locking the newly minted 10% tokens every 30 days. Here is the lock link
- We are no longer trading on Bitmart. If you have tokens from the v1 contract on Bitmart, please fill out this form to get airdropped v2 tokens.
- When CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko Update their site with the new listing, the value will appear in your wallet again.

For more information on the entire migration (why, what, etc), read about it here:

One to One Airdrop Distribution:

If you were a holder of WAGMI (old contract ending in c180) on either the BSC or ERC networks as of Jun 2 2022 at 11:59pm EST, you were airdropped the same amount of tokens, but will ONLY appear on the ETHEREUM network now, as the old BSC and ERC contracts are now merged into one ERC contract.

You should have a 1:1 ratio of tokens. Please note that there was a small slippage of reflections that were not registered on the ETH side when we took the snapshot of token to airdrop. It came out to a small difference based on your total token amount (this was due to ETH lagging slightly due to network congestion).

To better explain the slippage in registered and unregistered tokens:

All data (token amounts per wallet) were downloaded directly from Etherscan and BSCscan. Registered reflections means that all the validations cleared via the blockchain and registered into ether or bsc scan.

There are many factors as to why there might be a delay in registering reflections. Network congestion, size of transactions, time of day, etc, etc. These are things happening on the blockchain out of any of our control, and as we all know, sometimes there is a delay in transaction speed.

Some of you might see a token amount in your wallet that is higher than the amount you received with v2. This is due to some reflections were not registered. Again, many factors out of our control on the blockchain as to why they were not registered, but to view the actual final token amount that you received, enter your wallet address in Etherscan (for eth) or BSCscan (bnb) and you will see there is a 1:1 ration of tokens you received.

Also there is some confusion that some people got more than their allocation. That is impossible and probably an error in math. No one got more than was on the blockchain.

We are sorry for the confusion this may have caused our valuable holders. All we can go by is the data on the blockchain that is available to us. We do believe this was one of the smoothest contract migrations anyone has ever accomplished and we hope arming you with this knowledge in regards to the blockchain data you will see everything was done black and white.


- What do I do with the old BSC and ETH tokens from v1?
Nothing, There are not worth anything.

- I am not seeing the value of the new WAGMIGAMES in my wallet?
When CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko index the new contract, they will show then. This has all been applied for.

- Can I swap this on BSC?
No. You can only swap/trade v2 tokens on the ethereum blockchain.

- What happened to Bitmart exchange?
We made the decision to voluntarily delist from Bitmart, based on the volume the exchange was brining us. With the over reached costs asked by the exchange, we have decided it is not worth it. However, we remain on DIGI and have our eyes set on tier 1

- Can I transfer my tokens to cold storage
YES.. There is no tax for transferring from wallet to wallet,. Just make sure it is a ETH wallet and NOT and exchange