While you may not currently be reporting here from any prior galactic military service, General Figyu apparently believes  you have what it takes to receive the necessary combat training to help in our fight against the Grey Alliance. Otherwise, you would not have received an invitation to potentially join our ranks.

We know how passionate you are in your desire to help your planet in this fight, and we salute you for it. 

Due to limited capacity on our military transports, we can only take those fully committed to getting the job done. 

We’ve lost enough men and women to this alien scum. 

It’s time to ensure we’re choosing those who are not just willing, but READY to do what it takes.

Enlist now, and we'll show you how to be one of the first to join the fight >>>

👽 If you are one of the first to be enlisted..

You'll get 1 character, 1 spawn, 1 air assault and 2 ground troop cards for both ALIENS AND HUMANS!!!

👽 You'll be one of the FIRST to play WAGMI Defense, our new futuristic tower defense game!

👽 VIP ACCESS to our development team to potentially have your ideas included in future updates of the game!

👽 "OG" ROLE Badge

Click here if you are unfamiliar with WAGMI Games